Automating Cryogenic Sample Management

Celltrio’s Life Sciences LN₂ Storage, Data Management, and Cold Chain Solutions

Automated Cryogenic Sample Storage

Celltrio’s RoboStor® is a robotic, automated liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage solution that is perfect for R&D, biobanking, and cryogenic applications. All RoboStor® configurations can be used as stand-alone systems or can be fully integrated into a Celltrio RoboCell® solution.
  • Skyview C3® Software and touchscreen interface
  • Automated cryorack storage and retrieval
  • Automatic LN2 level monitoring with autofill options
  • Patented humidity control to reduce icing during robotic handling
  • Data Management
    • Advanced Inventory Management System (IMS)
    • Continuous monitoring and storage of environmental conditions
    • Audit trails
    • Cryorack and individual cyrovial barcode scanning
  • Battery back-up allows continuous monitoring of environmental conditions and autofill operations during power outage
  • Audible and visual alarms

Upgrade RoboStor® For More Capabilities

The RoboStor® system can be configured to meet your unique needs, allowing for multiple storage options, and additional cryopreservation capabilities.


The RoboVial™ has all the capability of the RoboStor® with:

  • The same footprint as RoboStor®
  • Individual cryovial handling (pick and place)
  • Automated cryovial 2D barcode scanning
  • Store / Retrieve cryovials across multiple storage locations
  • SBS-96 and 9×9 cryovial compatibility
  • Cryovial cap range: 8-13mm
  • Sample max height of 54mm, cryovial plus cryovial

RoboStor CVR™

The RoboStor CVR™ is an all-in-one solution that combines Celltrio’s RoboStor® and RoboVial™ with Celltrio’s Controlled Rate Freezing system.
  • LN2 vapor with robotic positioning controls freezing rate
  • Temperature range: Ambient to -195°C
  • Freezing rates
    • -1°C/ min to -20°C/min (for 0°C to -100°C temperature range)
    • -1°C/ min to -10°C/min (for -100°C to -130°C temperature range)
  • Cryovials transferred from cryorack to aluminum container for consistent, controlled freezing rate

Celltrio SkyView C3®

Cryo-Storage Workflow and Sample Management Platform

SkyView C3® is the powerful software engine that drives the RoboStor product family. It provides a user friendly graphical interface with an advanced inventory management system. Features include:

  • Configurable user access levels
  • Online and Offline task creation to perform multiple operations
  • Advanced Inventory Management System (IMS)
    • Sample traceability via barcodes
    • Powerful search engine
    • Configurable text field for additional sample information
  • Data Management
    • Audit trails for environmental parameters, user actions and system alarms
    • Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions during power outage
    • Import / Export
  • APi for external connectivity

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