The Cell Line Automation Platform

The most advanced modular cell line automation solution in the world.

It’s Time To Automate

RoboCell® introduces a standard option for automating cell culture. It is capable of handling T-flasks, wellplates, conical tubes, and cryovials. Options include:
  • Incubation
  • Centrifugation
  • Imaging (Cell counting and confluence)
  • Media Refrigeration
  • Media Heating and Cooling
  • Label Printing
  • 3rd party instruments
  • Liquid Handling for T-flasks and Wellplates:
    • Passaging
    • Expansion
    • Cellular Transformations
    • Plating
    • Centrifugation
RoboCell® improves the cell culturing process while completely adapting to laboratory processes and protocols. It increases throughput and efficiency with multi-tasking features and 24/7 automatic operation. This frees scientists and technicians from highly labor-intensive processes so they may focus more on research, analysis, and process design.


24/7 operation and multitasking maximizes throughput and capacity while automation allows scientists to focus on research and experiments


Standardized modules and processes with precise control of parameters and environmental conditions provide consistent, reproducible results


Task modules right-size the RoboCell® for existing processes and future expansion for more production, new processes and cell lines


Fully enclosed negative pressure system with HEPA filtered air in/out and advanced controls maintain a sterile/aseptic and safe environment

Build RoboCell® To Fit Your Needs

Celltrio® designs and manufactures standard task modules that perform a wide variety of processes and protocols for cell culture related applications.

Task Modules


Celltrio Robo-I™ has been innovated to fully automate the T-flask and Wellplate incubation process, allowing frequent access while maintaining a stable environment inside the incubator.

Media Supply

Celltrio Robo-MR™ allows for precise temperature control of critical liquid reagents for use within the RoboCell® system. Our patented heater system combined with Robo-MR™ refrigerators allows for on demand chilled or warmed liquids to be dispensed within the system.


Celltrio’s all-in-one biobanking solution, the RoboStor® allows for fully automated cryogenic storage of critical cellular materials. Options for whole box, individual vial storage, and controlled rate freezing are available.​

Liquid Handling

Celltrio’s Liquid Handling or Automation Zone, provides fully automated T-flask based cell culture. Our state-of-the-art Automation Zone allows for multiple T-flasks to be processed, conical tube handling, centrifugation, and various operations all in one centralized module.


Precise centrifugation of cellular reagents from Celltrio’s Robo-C™ allows for a broader range of activities within the RoboCell® platform. Room temperature and refrigerated options are available.


Confluency measurements in T-flasks and Wellplates are available via Celltrio’s Brightfield Confluency microscope. Additional imaging options are available.​

Cell Counting

Celltrio’s RoboCell® system utilizes Beckman Coulter’s ViCell BLU automated cell counter to allow for accurate trypan blue exclusion cell counting on the RoboCell® system. ​


Celltrio RoboCell® introduces advanced plating processes in wellplates ranging from 6 to 1536 wells with advanced liquid handlers like the Biomek i5 or i7. Processes include standard plating to complex plating and plate-based culture.​

RoboCell® Built To Scale With You

The solutions scale from automating specific tasks to fully automating cell maintenance, culture, passage, differentiation, transformation, cell line development, biobanking, assays, imaging and screening in one end-to-end system.

RoboCell® Small

T-flask Culturing

RoboCell® negative pressure enclosure, with HEPA filtered air control and multi-robot handling plus:
  • T75/T175/Triple Flask Culturing, Incubation, and Liquid Handling
  • Media Refrigeration and Heating
  • Brightfield Confluency Microscope
  • ViCell BLU Cell Counter
  • Options: 50mL Conical Tube Handling and Centrifugation, SBS Plate Dispensing (No Plate Incubation), T-flask Labeling

RoboCell® Medium

T-flask and Plate Culturing​

All the features of RoboCell® Small + Wellplate Culturing and:
  • Advanced Liquid Handler
  • Dispensing/Aspirating (6-well to 1536-well)
  • Wellplate Incubation
  •  Options:
    • Wellplate Centrifugation
    • Wellplate imaging and analysis
    • Cyrovial preparation and labeling
    • Other 3rd party equipment options

RoboCell® Large

High Capacity T-flask and Plate Culturing, and Cryogenic Storage​

All the features of RoboCell® Small and Medium plus:
  • Additional incubation and storage capacity
  •  Options:
    • LN2 refrigeration for cyrovials and cryoboxes
    • Controlled Rate Freezing
    • Individual cryovial handling
    • Cryovial thawing

Software that unleashes innovation

Celltrio Bioflow™

RoboCell® is powered by Celltrio’s Bioflow™ software enterprise, that delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency! Bioflow™ provides an intuitive visual interface to define, schedule, execute and monitor cell culture processes and workflows. Real-time processing and data handling enable valuable data metrics, traceability, system status of automation components, environmental conditions, and inventory of cell lines, labware, reagents, and consumables.

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