Software that Unleashes Innovation

Powerful Automation Workflow and Sample Management Platform


The powerful software engine that drives the RoboCell® systems and solutions. Bioflow™ is:

  • Process, protocol, and experiment development
  • Data-driven for real-time decision making
  • Short and long-term scheduling
  • Workflow management
  • Labware, reagent and inventory management
  • Open connectivity
  • Data management for inventory, process parameters, process traceability, performance results, system status and environmental conditions

Software That Delivers

Celltrio® provides a complete solution for cell line automation. Bioflow™ delivers an advanced cell line automation enterprise with:
  • Graphical workflow development
  • Static and dynamic scheduling
  • Automatic decision based operation
  • Multi-tasking process control
  • Remote access and monitoring
  • Data management and traceability
  • Open connectivity to incorporate 3rd party tools and instruments

Workflow Management

Advanced automation and multitasking features can be easily setup, scheduled, and run for multiple users and multiple processes at the same time. Worflows can be re-used for multiple cell lines or saved for specific operational control

Process Management

Process parameters can be stored or changed on the fly for precise, consistent control. Real-time data management and decisions can direct workflows automatically based on results and environmental conditions

Audit Trail

Real-time and historical tracking of process steps, passages, lineage, user actions, sensor data, and system events match results to performance and operating conditions


Advanced scheduling and multitasking increase throughput and capacity with an intuitive, graphical interface for easy navigation, operation and development

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